Looking for Our Next Generation of Blue

The mission of the Generation Blue Intern Program is to support Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana’s talent acquisition strategy by providing a meaningful internship experience through real-world projects, mentorship, feedback and networking opportunities, while also developing a pipeline of diverse, talented individuals as potential future employees.

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Participants of the Blue Cross Generation Blue Internship Program are aligned with and will be paid by a Blue Cross third-party staffing vendor who will be represented as their direct employer.

In February 2021, our interns hosted "Coffee Talk" with Cindy Wakefield, VP of Strategic Communications. We wouldn't be Blue Cross without our wonderful workplace culture. This is how we make it happen virtually. Cindy shared her career path, experiences and advice with our 2021 spring interns. We strive to educate, motivate and inspire growth.


Currently pursing or recently completed an undergraduate or graduate degree in any major

Minimum 2.5 GPA, preferred 3.0

Able to work 20-24 hours per week for spring and fall internships and a minimum of 20 hours per week for summer positions

Strong oral and written communication skills

Knowledge of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS Word

Self-motivation and adaptability to change

Ability to think analytically and present ideas professionally



We post internship roles for spring, summer and fall. Once you search for an open role that matches your interests and qualifications, you will submit your resume to indicate your interest.
Spring August 1 – September 30 Summer January 1 – March 1 Fall March 1 – May 15


Our team will review your resume. We recommend checking your email and voicemail for updates and next steps.
Spring October 1 – November 1 Summer March 30 – April 15 Fall May 15 – June 15


If you qualify for the role, you may be asked to conduct a phone interview, video interview, and/or panel interview.
Spring November 1 – December 1 Summer March 30 – May 1 Fall May 15 – June 30


Start your internship. Do real work, learn, grow and have fun!
Spring First week of January Summer First week of June Fall Mid August

Meet the Team

“I have been working in Talent Acquisition since 2008. I found a passion for helping young adults find their career path and watching them grow throughout their careers.”

Missy Judice
Manager, Talent Sourcing & Programs

Missy Judice's Linkedin

“I love seeing the impact that the interns at BCBSLA make on not only our organization, but the community. It brings me so much joy to watch each cohort progress and develop their skills with the use of the professional development classes and meaningful real-world projects.”

Lindsey Lucca
Talent Programs Partner

Lindsey Lucca's Linkedin

"I have always enjoyed working with people. Since joining the Talent Acquisition team that love for people, particularly young adults, has grown. I strive to be a guide, not just the representative of a potential employer, and show that companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana can not only help you accomplish your dreams but also make meaningful contributions to society."

Corey Williams
Talent Sourcing Partner



We host interns in a variety of areas throughout the business, including but not limited to Healthcare Analytics, IT, Marketing, Human Resources, and our Healthcare Value areas.


Our interns regularly meet with their managers for one-on-ones as well as with other members of their cohort.


Our Learning and Development team, along with our Workforce Development team, developed the intern workshops to focus on building professional and interpersonal skills like Accountability, Time Management, Communication and the “Brand You Series.”


At the end of each cohort, our interns get to share with each other, their departments and our leadership team the work that they have been doing and contributing to over the semester.

Talent Acquisition Tea with Lindsey

“What Our Interns Had to Say”

“The internship at BCBSLA meant a lot to me because I was able to apply acquired knowledge to real work experiences. I learned a lot of new things and enjoyed being exposed to a professional job setting. My transition from college to a full-time employee was a breeze because I was familiar with the company and job duties. I grew as a professional by learning my strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. I learned to network, and I developed strong teamwork skills. I add value by meeting expectations and going above. I work with providers to help them provide quality care to our members.”

Francheska U.

Accountable Care Organization Program Intern, Fall 2019

“The best part of my job here in data analytics is knowing that your work is ultimately able to impact and help the patients. It’s really rewarding to see that your efforts are able to make a difference.”

Ruthann Z.

Healthcare Analytics Intern, Fall 2018